Brand Story

At RAZKA, we believe a life vaping is a life well-lived!

We believe that, it is by vaporizing the truest and rawest flavors that we find our best selves, so our purpose is to awaken a lifelong love of vaping, for all.

We have been working to help you experience the transformational power of vaping. We bring you fine quality device and gear, expert advice, inspiring stories of life inhaling and puffing experiences to enjoy alone or share with your friends and family. With every purchase you make with RAZKA, you are choosing to steward the vapes, support sustainable flavor business.

So whether you’re new to vape or a seasoned pro, we hope you’ll join us.

Our Vision

We don’t just love and sell fine quality device and gear. We also design and develop our own cycles. Our teams get outside with members in the vaping world to put our goods to the test. That way our products work for you and can be passed down a generation—or two.

Our Responsibility

We put sustainability at the center of how we make products. From 2014, we debuted comprehensive product sustainability standards that apply to every device we design. Working closely with our partners at home and abroad allows us to accumulate affluent flavor vaporizing experience across the industry. From seeking better ways of making goods, to advancing fair trade manufacturing practices, to putting our profits to good use, we advocate for the places we all love and make it easier for customers to shop their values.

Razka Lab

  • Material Developing
  • Flavor Formula
  • Toxicology Research
  • Finishing Machining

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We offer warranty policy to our customers, please contact your sales representative with defective details, SN number, videos. We take care of them all.


In normal case, after the order is placed, regular order can be shipped within 24 working hours. In the case of tight production period, Razka will arrange the sending due to our production schedule and we will follow up with our customers regularly for shipping.


International Bank Wire, West Union, are welcomed. Other payment methods please contact your representative for more details.


We offer 7/24 service, please feel free to contact us by email or phone number. And also, customers can leave us note on our social media: VK, INS, FACEBOOK. Our team will reply our business partners within 24 working hours.