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I have been vaping the disposable for over the week thus far! The flavor stands out the most.

Andrew Lee

Talking about the draw, the Razka has this midpoint airflow that allows it to be used both for MTL cigarette-like inhales, as well as very restricted lung inhales.


I generally avoid banana vapes, but this one I like! It tastes like a banana smoothie with crushed ice, and the cooling part of the juice is manageable—i.e., it won’t make your brain freeze. Sweet but not overwhelming, if you like banana this one is a must-try.

Alex Bluemarine

The Razka 1000 is a disposable with 3.8 mL juice capacity and 650 mAh battery life, comes in 8 fruit flavors with optional cooling flavors. The draw is smooth and easy, while still giving a nice MTL draw and throat hit. Each battery has a rubber coating, making the hand-feel a pleasure to carry.


The performance of the Razka is surprisingly good for a disposable vape. It’s meant for low-vapor output via an MTL draw, but the vapor is satisfying enough to get you out of a pinch if need be. It produces warm vapor along with a punchy throat hit and intense flavor. Whether I like the flavors…


The Razka is like a disposable JUUL. It’s got a similar form factor, eight total flavors to choose from, and you never have to worry about charging. Once the battery dies, simply dispose of it. The flavors are some of the sweetest in this category of devices.


It has a strong hit. Guess that’s the combination of a warm vape and a sensitive draw sensor. 


From a performance standpoint, the Razka is one of the best disposables I’ve ever tried.


Without a shadow of a doubt, this is my favorite of the eight. Almost tasting as if it has eucalyptus in the background. It’s not super cold on the throat; more like the cooling of a strawberry. All in all, it’s really good with great depth of flavor for a seemingly simple juice.


This device could be helpful to smokers or just anyone looking for ultimate in convenience. It’s one of the better disposable e-cigs I’ve tried. The flavor output is good, the throat hit is solid and it’s even got good vapor for such a little thing.


They’re advertised to last for 900 puffs. I tried to count, but I can never keep track, but you can easily get 3-day out of it.


It feels balanced and made with integrity. Besides making these disposables nice to look at, the various flavors have corresponding color-coded gradations along the exteriors that suggest their taste.

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